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Genesis II

A compellingly plausible novel, Genesis II mixes all the instinctive hallmarks of the classic thriller with a chilling insight into the world of genetics and biotechnology: a terrifying story of what happens when the cutting edge of science turns killer.

Very exciting, very scary. A highly effective thriller, intelligent, unsettling.  Literary Review, London.

A fast-moving, clever thriller… the characters are very real and the dialogue first class.  Publishing News.

Eco-warriors launch a dawn raid on Transgenic Biotech. And while their fields of genetically modified crops are being ripped up, Dan Cruickshank is searching the company laboratories for a secret file. But as he makes his escape, Dan is hit by a security vehicle and killed.

Meanwhile, several miles away, an organic farmer and his daughter are taken seriously ill with a bizarre strain of influenza – a virus that appears to have been picked up from eating their own potatoes. When virologist Karl Housman visits the farm, he realises something is horribly wrong: all the animals are dead.  

Solicitor Madeleine King takes on the case of one of the arrested eco-warriors, hiring a private detective to find out just what Dan Cruickshank was looking for. But the detective isn’t the only person interested in Dan – the security services are also involved.

Karl Housman’s tests are coming up with some equally ominous findings: the flu virus has found a way of jumping from species to species, and has the potential to kill in epidemic proportions. As Karl and Madeleine’s investigations overlap, they learn exactly what Transgenic and MI5 are keen to cover up at any cost – a project known only as Genesis II…

Genesis II was published in the UK by Time-Warner Books and is available in Kindle edition from Amazon.