Paul Adam

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Mike McLean Series Book 3

A peaceful demonstration on the outskirts of Sheffield against a new landfill site turns into a pitched battle between police and protesters, and McLean is convinced it was sparked off by hired agents provocateurs.

The demo’s organiser, maverick environmentalist campaigner Rob Fielding, claims to have evidence that the landfill will be used for illegal toxic waste dumping, but he’s found shot dead in remote Winnats Pass, in the Derbyshire Peak District, before he can hand over the proof.

McLean investigates and discovers that Fielding had been looking into the mysterious death of a ten-year-old boy near a fertiliser factory in South Yorkshire. Official reports say the boy died of asthma, but why was his inquest held in camera? And what is really going on inside the fertiliser plant?

Then a second man is murdered and McLean’s activities spark the interest of Special Branch. Probing deeper, the journalist uncovers a terrifying secret that the Government is desperate to keep hidden, and puts his life at risk to make sure the public learns the truth.

Toxin was first published in the UK by HarperCollins Publishers. It is now available in Kindle edition from Amazon.

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