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Unholy Trinity

Unholy Trinity is a gripping, highly original political thriller set in contemporary Italy

Tingling political thriller…highly recommended. The great Eric Ambler would have enjoyed reading this.
Literary Review, London.

Artfully crafted and intricately layered.
Publishers Weekly.

Played out against the haunting ruins of Rome’s ancient city, Unholy Trinity is a pulsating thriller of stunning plausibility.

Rome foreign correspondent, Andy Chapman, investigates the killing of a controversial left-wing priest and discovers evidence which appears to implicate the Vatican in the death. He turns his information over to the investigating magistrate, the beautiful Elena Fiorini, and together they begin a hunt for the killers.

Probing deeper, they find themselves up against the might of the Catholic Church and a sinister network of neo-Fascist fanatics. They are drawn into a terrifying web of betrayal and violent death in which their own lives are put at risk. Their quest leads them to the very heart of the Vatican and back to the last days of Mussolini’s dictatorship, when people changed their identities but not their allegiances.  

Unholy Trinity was published in the UK by Time-Warner Books and is available in Kindle edition from Amazon. It is also available in large print and audio editions.